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B Term

Bob and I are still together and it's awesome. He moved in to my apartment with me. Even brought his desktop. Now that's commitment.

I've been trying to branch out and meet new people. It's not working too well because I’m awful at maintaining friendships. A bunch of girls and I got sad and ate ice-cream together. It was real fucking girly. That's about it for social progress in B term.

I will be living with some other people next year. I'm not sure if I want to do it. The new roommates are all nice, clean, reasonable, responsible people and the apartment is much closer to campus, but he rent is higher, the rooms are smaller and the roommates like to party. Unfortunately, unless I can find an acceptable replacement, I'm roped into it.

I had the most amazing professor ever. One of the questions on our final exam:
He also dressed up as Indiana Jones on Halloween and made his grand entrance complete with the theme music and a whip made of wires.

Business Applications:
Also know as my huge Waste Of Time. Attendance was mandatory and the teacher would just talk about stuff she's done at more pretentious universities like Harvard and MIT. If we asked for help she'd belittle us. At least it was an easy class. I made it out of there with a 99% average. My professor on OO designCollapse )

Intro to Robotics:
The class was very interesting. Very hands on. We did a little of everything. Material selection, programming, the physics behind mechanical parts of a robot, gears, sprockets, 4 bar linkages, different types of sensors.
I'm joining my school's DARPA team in C term. We have a very awesome very ambitious plan in the works.

Winter Break Plans
-In Wilbraham from the 17th to the 23rd ( Haven on Tuesday, Drum and Dance on friday)
-NJ to do x-mas w/Bob's family 23rd-24th
-To Florida with Bob 25th to Jan2
+ My birthday is Jan 7th. no plans so far.

C Term:
-I'm taking Systems Programming, Probability, and Statistics. Excited about Systems programming. Less excited about the other 2.
-Doing props & costumes for the play Six Degrees of Separation
-Maybe getting a job with the Website Development office
-Joining APO, the community service group at WPI

The Asylum

I just found a beautiful new haunt. It's an abandon insane asylum in Connecticut. The place is HUGE. (900 acres) Everything is completely overgrown and falling apart, however the insides of the buildings are strangely intact; as though one day everyone just got up and left. There are still plates and clothing, papers, office supplies and furniture. Even an activities board detailing the patients’ schedule the day before the asylum shut down.

A floor in one of the dorm-like housing areas

more picturesCollapse )

A term, in a glance

-I had no computer of my own for all of A term. It made things very rough for me.

- I saw Snakes on a Plane. We bought a plane piñata, filled it with snakes and smashed the hell out of it.
On a side note, I’ve been hope a spoof porn comes of this.

Sluts on a Plane: Pacific Air Flight 69Collapse )

Snakes on a Plane PiñataCollapse )

-I'm all moved into my apartment. Just bought new carpeting for it. Come Visit!

-I heart building 19

-I played a vampy waitress in a play. The play was called Wonder of the World. If you are not familiar with the play, it involves death by giant jar of peanut butter, a Barbie doll head named Vivian and the Newlywed Game and a hilarious suicidal alcoholic.

-I got custom fangs made at Haven. I hope it would make me look menacing; it didn't.
Me with FangsCollapse )

-I took the accelerated CS class despite the fact I know nothing about computers; I rocked that class.

-There has been several drug busts at the house across the street from me. Yay for methdens.
Live action shot, from my window.Collapse )

Strange Day

My ex-boyfriend called me today to catch up. I haven't talk to him in nearly a year, but I'm amazed how much he's changed. The eric i remember was so different from the one I was talking to on the phone today. I know it's not my fault, but if i hadn't broken up with him, he'd probably be fine right now. ...but it just wasn't working out with him. I makes me sad when good people change for the worse, but I don't think there's anything I can do about it.

To make today much more surreal, I found out a friend of mine from WPI died. He was a really awesome, funny friendly spontaneous person and it's a shame that the world had to lose him. I know it's very cliche to say, but i wish i had known him better.

MSI Concert

You know it's a good concert when you lose three pounds in sweat. Mindless Self Indulgence is absolutely amazing live!

I thought today was Sunday. My friend is having a graduation party on Sunday so I went to where the party as supposed to be held and ended up crashing a wedding reception. oye!

Insert Pegleg into Mouth

After going to the movies,

I crashed at my friend Kyle's apartment.  That morning I got up to go to the bathroom, but the bathroom was occupied by someone taking a shower.  I ask him how much longer he is going to be.

"Not too long… 15 to 20 minutes,” He responds.
“Wow,” I said. “That’s a long time, I can take a shower in 5 minutes, and I’m a girl.”
“Yeah, well I have to shave.”
“ooooh right.  I forget about those manly morning routines.” I wander  back up stairs and relay the conversation to Kyle.   He gives me a funny smile.

“What ?” I ask.
“Well," He says "That was probably my transgender roommate.”

*smacks head* somehow, I managed to squeeze TWO gender comments into that short little conversation. I'm skilled.


the horribly unpleasant goth man

There's an amazing new and used gothic fashion clothing store in Rhode Island call Bedlam. It's seriously any goth's wet dream. This store, located in some creepy back alleyway basement is owned and run the most horribly unpleasant man I have ever met.

My favorite quote from him "Are you sure you're in the right store? [StoreName] right above us has things more your style."  I was wearing a cute pinkish dress so I guess I couldn't have been interested in shopping in a goth store.   *shrug*
For the Full StoryCollapse )

Why My School is Better Than Yours, Part 1

As i'm sure you'll see, I have a metric shitload of love for my school. Here's one reason why.

We have a Wiki. A really kick ass wiki. To quote the wisdom of the Freshman Guide

"Beirut - A drinking game (the WPIwiki does not endorse underage drinking, and is displaying this so you know what you are seeing as the older students play while you drink your soda)."

Why this exists

I created this account because you have a livejournal... whoever you are.
And I want to be nosy and read your private entries

Read my old LiveJournal if you get bored. I discuss important matters like my hatred for the letter W and my love for the number 27.


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